Free kevin gates type instrumental download

Free kevin gates type instrumental

Are you a rapper? Well, you must know the market for selling and buying beats is huge. I follow a few beatmakers and producers and anytime I hear something dope, I write about it!

For instance, take this new release by Omnibeats:

If you need free instrumentals and you are low on budget this is a great opportunity for you. How often do you see platinum producers give away free quality music like this?

I thought so!


Free download link

It goes without saying that everybody composer is offering “free beats” these days. However, most of them do not provide the option to actually download the instrumental in mp3.

Well, Omnibeats does. You can download this free kevin gates type beat instrumental here:

You’re welcome!

Free Kevin Gates type beat - Pray 4 Me (Trap Beat Instrumental)

Travis Scott type beat – “Faded” (Rap beats – Trap instrumentals)

Bruh bruh, I don’t know how I could forget to write about this Travis Scott type beat. Really. “Faded” is one of the hardest rap or trap beats I have heard online. Stream this bish in the Youtube player below.

Now, you wanna get this Travis Scott type instrumental untagged? You can buy this beat here! Shiiiiit, you know what? You can even buy it from the player right below:

If you like what you hear, you may want to subcribe to the Omnibeats Youtube channel.
Why? Because they drop Travis Scott style beats all the time.

That’s it for today. Ill be back soon with another slapper type beat. We bring you the dopest beats for sale online, and will keep up doing so. See you soon!

Travis Scott type beat

Free Big Sean type beat (free hip hop instrumental)

Free Big Sean type beat 2017 (Hip Hop Beat / Rap Instrumental)

“Drop It Off” is one of the dopest Free Big Sean type beats you will hear online. Produced by Multi-Platinum producer Omnibeats.

This track would have sounded great on Big Sean’s latest studio album I Decided. Am I wrong? Hell nah.


Need if for PROFIT USE? You can buy the completely untagged lease below.

Check out this free instrumental hip hop beat on VIMEO.

Misc information on this hip hop beat

“Drop It Off” is a Free Big Sean type rap beat instrumental that would’ve been a great fit for his latest album “I Decided”. However, it didn’t make the cut. All the better, cause now this free hip hop beat is available to you. Please note that the beat is free for “NON-PROFIT” use only. If you plan on using this beat for any type of commercial use, please buy a lease @ .

In addition, more rap instrumentals with a similar vibe are coming soon. Since every popular rapper (this could also be title a “Drake type beat”) is using instrumental beats like this I thought I’d hook you up. Nevertheless, not all of these will be free for download. But stay tuned!

Free Big Sean type beat – Big Sean type instrumental

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free big sean type beat (hip hop instrumental free)

New dope Young Thug type beat for sale


Dope new Young Thug Type Beat called “Wavy”

Omnibeats dropped a new trap beat today and to be frankly, it’s quite dope. Listen to “Wavy” in the Youtube player below:

If you are interested to get this without tags then you can buy this beat on the Omnibeats website.

Why you should buy trap beats like these

This thugga type beat has it all. First of all, it has dope chords, infectious melodies, deep 808s and the hardest trap drums you have heard in your life.

Secondly, this young thug type beat’s arrangement is very well organised. Sounds are constantly added and subtracted which results in a most dynamic instrumental. This is a very important factor of an interesting “song” that you don’t hear enough in type beats nowadays. For sure, Omnibeats knows what they’re doing.

young thug type beat titled “wavy”.

Hear more Young Thug type beats

If you want to hear their best beats for sale, check out their Youtube Channel. They have a vast selection of high quality beats & instrumentals for sale and are on the most experienced production teams.

Last but not lease, please do follow our blog if you are interested in the latest Soundclick beats for sale releases. Thank you so much.

New G-Eazy type beat “Complicated” | Dope Beats for Sale

Dope Beat For Sale Alert!

As an artists and general hiphop enthousiastic I like to review beats & instrumentals. Just now, one of my favorite producers p/k/a”Freek van Workum” just released a new G-Eazy type beat called “Complicated”. Take a listen to this new rap beat below.

If this hip hop instrumental inspires you to make a song and you’d like to get it untagged you can buy this beat @ Freek van Workum Soundclick Instrumentals page.

Why this G-Eazy type beat is special

To me, there are various reason to call this instrumental one of the best beats online.

First of all, the sound selection. Live delayed guitars, huge pads and my favorite part, the vocal cuts in the chorus. The sounds used to produce this piece fit just right and make the instrumental have a great ambient feel. It contributes greatly to the overall vibe of the beat and makes it very easy on the ears. Can you say “addictive”?

Secondly, this G-Eazy type hiphop beat knocks like nothing else! The hiphop drums are insane and hit so hard. Basically, a great addition to the atmospheric feel of the melodical section. Imagine doing this live, people will lose it.

Lastly, the beat is just very artist friendly to rappers and singers. Although there are a lot of change-ups in the arrangement the actual production remains kinda minimal. That makes it really easy for vocalists to lay down lyrics over this G-Eazy type beat.

About the producer

Freek is no newbie in the music production scene. Besides being fairly known on the internet (check out Freek’s website) he also achieved major industry success. He has made beats for sale for various of my favorite artists and sold millions of records. That’s why he’s one of my favorites and I will continue to write about the quality instrumentals he puts out.

However, I plan to broaden my horizon as well. Soon Im going to update my favorite producer list and add a few beats like Superstar O, The Cratez and one of my new favorite producers that goes by JCaspersen. They all have beats I feel deserve a review as well. Anyway, see you on the next beat review!

g-eazy type beat
Dope Beats Review: G-Eazy type beat “Complicated”



Review: New Free Beats mixtape with unreleased instrumentals

Rappers and singers that are looking for Free Beats: Rejoice!
Platinum certified online production team OMNIBEATS.COM has just dropped a super-fire mixtape filled with free beats & instrumentals on Datpiff.
Here is the free download link: FREE BEATS INSTRUMENTAL MIXTAPE.
Let’s take a look (read: listen) at these beats real quick!

You Lames: Free uptempo rap beat

“You Lames” is a dope hip hop or Drake type beat that’s used to set off this beat tape. I like the uptempo vibe, the hard drums and the piano this one has. However, what I love most about this free beat is that the arrangement and sounds switch up so often. This is a track that’s just great on the ears!

Way Too Lit: Free trap type beat

“Way Too Lit” is as fire as “You Lames”. Yet, it sounds way different. The overall sound it has reminds me of Future type beats rather than Drake’s. All in all, I can’t hear artists on this instrumental other than Future. It undeniably has the popular “now” trap sound going. Definitely a track I’d recommend using if this is the style you are into!

Ordinary: Free Future type beat

Boy oh boy. This trap beat kicks in like nothing else. Extremely hard drums, gutterly deep and distorted 808 bass and melodies that want to make you shoot up the neighbourhood. Concluding, if need something to get gangsta on, use this beat. Lastly, one sidenote: it would have been better if this beat would’nt have had so many tags!

Nightmares: Horrorcore valhalla

Last but not least, let’s take a closer listen to Nightmares. Gloomy bells and background sounds mixed with hard and deep 808s basses. Tracks like these are perfect for artists like Eminem, Hopsin, Tech N9ne and so on. Listening to it more, this might actually be my favorite of this Free Beats mixtape.

There are 2 more beats on this free beat tape. However, Im not going to bother reviewing these because I don’t like them.
Do you want to hear more from Omnibeats? Check out more of their Free Beats.
Hope to see you guys on my next review, whenever that is! - Free Beats vol 1
Omnibeats free instrumentals mixtape