New dope Young Thug type beat for sale


Dope new Young Thug Type Beat called “Wavy”

Omnibeats dropped a new trap beat today and to be frankly, it’s quite dope. Listen to “Wavy” in the Youtube player below:

If you are interested to get this without tags then you can buy this beat on the Omnibeats website.

Why you should buy trap beats like these

This thugga type beat has it all. First of all, it has dope chords, infectious melodies, deep 808s and the hardest trap drums you have heard in your life.

Secondly, this young thug type beat’s arrangement is very well organised. Sounds are constantly added and subtracted which results in a most dynamic instrumental. This is a very important factor of an interesting “song” that you don’t hear enough in type beats nowadays. For sure, Omnibeats knows what they’re doing.

young thug type beat titled “wavy”.

Hear more Young Thug type beats

If you want to hear their best beats for sale, check out their Youtube Channel. They have a vast selection of high quality beats & instrumentals for sale and are on the most experienced production teams.

Last but not lease, please do follow our blog if you are interested in the latest Soundclick beats for sale releases. Thank you so much.


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