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As an artists and general hiphop enthousiastic I like to review beats & instrumentals. Just now, one of my favorite producers p/k/a”Freek van Workum” just released a new G-Eazy type beat called “Complicated”. Take a listen to this new rap beat below.

If this hip hop instrumental inspires you to make a song and you’d like to get it untagged you can buy this beat @ Freek van Workum Soundclick Instrumentals page.

Why this G-Eazy type beat is special

To me, there are various reason to call this instrumental one of the best beats online.

First of all, the sound selection. Live delayed guitars, huge pads and my favorite part, the vocal cuts in the chorus. The sounds used to produce this piece fit just right and make the instrumental have a great ambient feel. It contributes greatly to the overall vibe of the beat and makes it very easy on the ears. Can you say “addictive”?

Secondly, this G-Eazy type hiphop beat knocks like nothing else! The hiphop drums are insane and hit so hard. Basically, a great addition to the atmospheric feel of the melodical section. Imagine doing this live, people will lose it.

Lastly, the beat is just very artist friendly to rappers and singers. Although there are a lot of change-ups in the arrangement the actual production remains kinda minimal. That makes it really easy for vocalists to lay down lyrics over this G-Eazy type beat.

About the producer

Freek is no newbie in the music production scene. Besides being fairly known on the internet (check out Freek’s website) he also achieved major industry success. He has made beats for sale for various of my favorite artists and sold millions of records. That’s why he’s one of my favorites and I will continue to write about the quality instrumentals he puts out.

However, I plan to broaden my horizon as well. Soon Im going to update my favorite producer list and add a few beats like Superstar O, The Cratez and one of my new favorite producers that goes by JCaspersen. They all have beats I feel deserve a review as well. Anyway, see you on the next beat review!

g-eazy type beat
Dope Beats Review: G-Eazy type beat “Complicated”




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