Review: New Free Beats mixtape with unreleased instrumentals

Rappers and singers that are looking for Free Beats: Rejoice!
Platinum certified online production team OMNIBEATS.COM has just dropped a super-fire mixtape filled with free beats & instrumentals on Datpiff.
Here is the free download link: FREE BEATS INSTRUMENTAL MIXTAPE.
Let’s take a look (read: listen) at these beats real quick!

You Lames: Free uptempo rap beat

“You Lames” is a dope hip hop or Drake type beat that’s used to set off this beat tape. I like the uptempo vibe, the hard drums and the piano this one has. However, what I love most about this free beat is that the arrangement and sounds switch up so often. This is a track that’s just great on the ears!

Way Too Lit: Free trap type beat

“Way Too Lit” is as fire as “You Lames”. Yet, it sounds way different. The overall sound it has reminds me of Future type beats rather than Drake’s. All in all, I can’t hear artists on this instrumental other than Future. It undeniably has the popular “now” trap sound going. Definitely a track I’d recommend using if this is the style you are into!

Ordinary: Free Future type beat

Boy oh boy. This trap beat kicks in like nothing else. Extremely hard drums, gutterly deep and distorted 808 bass and melodies that want to make you shoot up the neighbourhood. Concluding, if need something to get gangsta on, use this beat. Lastly, one sidenote: it would have been better if this beat would’nt have had so many tags!

Nightmares: Horrorcore valhalla

Last but not least, let’s take a closer listen to Nightmares. Gloomy bells and background sounds mixed with hard and deep 808s basses. Tracks like these are perfect for artists like Eminem, Hopsin, Tech N9ne and so on. Listening to it more, this might actually be my favorite of this Free Beats mixtape.

There are 2 more beats on this free beat tape. However, Im not going to bother reviewing these because I don’t like them.
Do you want to hear more from Omnibeats? Check out more of their Free Beats.
Hope to see you guys on my next review, whenever that is! - Free Beats vol 1
Omnibeats free instrumentals mixtape




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